Free bingo with 888 Ladies

September 4, 2010

888 Ladies are doing a lot for new and old customers these days. They are working hard to attract you and here are some of their treats;

888 Ladies are giving out up 6 free bingo cards at 7pm in the bubbly bingo room. At Mon-Fri you can play for £300 and at Saturday and Sunday you can play for £500. Dont miss out on this one.

888 Ladies are also doing Summertime Specials with a 50% redeposit bonus this summer. Also why not give your bingo roomies a virtual gift or test out the new Autobuy feature at 888 Ladies?

A lot of fun as usual at 888 Ladies.

The Top 5 Absolute Best Bingo Commercials

January 20, 2009

That’s right the list is now official. is working in the bingo industry and we figured we would check out the TV ads that belong to all the bingo sites we promote with the boring gif-banners and textlinks. So we present to you: The Top 5 Absolute Best Bingo Commercials! The ads where rated after how they got their message through to their target group, if it is funny, if the production is professional and offcourse what kind of music they use.

Number 5: This ad is for the nordic bingo site Maria Bingo. We think the video basically sucked but the use of Blondie’s “Maria” had to give it a spot on the list.

Number 4: Human bingo balls again but this time from SVT Bingo. Take a guess on where they got the idea from? Anyway this is a pretty good TV ad and we like how they keep the viewers informed about their offers using small text throughout the commercial.

Number 3: You gotta love the human bingo ball from Bingo 777. Real creative, but we feel they could do something more out of this as it really is a great concept. Maybe we will se some more from ball number 7 in the future?

Number 2: “GOODBYEE!”. Vic Reeves dressed up in womans clothing and did a great job in this ad. 888 Ladies did might loose a few customers from a pretty large segment called “men”, or did they?

Number 1: Foxy Bingo is a major UK bingo site and this commercial from 2008 got everything; Great music and good vibes. No wonder all the girls love the fox!

Mecca Bingo Earns More Money

October 19, 2008

The UK bingo company Mecca Bingo is reporting a 2 percent rise in revenue in 3rd quarter 2008 compared to the same period last year. Mecca Bingo is together with Gala Bingo a giant in the landbased UK bingo market and they are now enjoying success in the online bingo market.


Houston County Bingo

September 19, 2008

Houston County is looking to increase their revenue by increasing the bingo machine fees on the planned bingo facility. The regulations are administered by the Houston County Commission.

This is what Chairman of the commission Mark Culver has to say:

“All of the information we have is that the project is going to happen, and that is our stand and the commission will be behind the project.”

Vic’s Bingo Annual Championship Is In Full Swing

July 22, 2008

July and August not only bring the full heat of the summer, but they also bring the fun and excitement of the Vic’s Bingo Annual Championship. Qualifiers for this awesome event are being run throughout July and August, allowing players multiple chances to qualify for the final event, which is to take place on August 27th. All of the special events take place in the Sapphire Room at 6 pm on the specified dates. In order to play in the qualifiers for the final event, you must first win 2 games with the special Play Bingo pattern and deposit at least $24 into your bingo account. Once you have met these requirements, you can enjoy the free bingo events that take place on July 15th and 29th, and Aug 12th. Total prize pools for each these games is $1500, which is split between 10 games with a guaranteed jackpot of $150 each. The final event on August 27th will offer prizes of up to $3000. Even players who do not manage to qualify for the earlier events can take part in the final championship. All a player must do to qualify for the final event is win four special bingo pattern games and deposit $24 into their account and they will be automatically qualified to play in the Championship event. Everyone who is a member at the site and meets the qualifications can play in this event, so if you have not yet signed up to play at Vic’s Bingo, do so today.

Celebrate With USA Bingo and Win Big

July 17, 2008

If you didn’t get enough fireworks on the Fourth of July, USA Bingo is giving you another chance to experience the wonder and magic of Independence Day’s night sky explosions. The weekend of July 18th through 20th is bringing yet another round of fireworks to USA Bingo with the Red, White and Blue Power Hours. Bingo players have a second chance to celebrate the birthday of the USA and win a guaranteed $250 prize in every game played during the promotion.

Players at USA Bingo can take advantage of this exciting promotion all weekend long, between the hours of 10pm and 11pm EST. During each of the Red, White and Blue Power Hour game sets, there will be 10 games with $250 given away per game, guaranteeing a total of $7500 in prizes to be given away. Packages are on sale now, with a few different choices, depending on how much you want to play. Packages are priced at $25 for 5 cards per game, $75 for a package of 15 cards per game, and for 25 cards per game, the price is $125.

This promotion is open to all active members of the USA Bingo site who deposit and play on the website regularly. Those who play on multiple accounts are not allowed to win. If you have not yet signed up to play at USA Bingo, you can register now and take advantage of their current 250% sign up bonus. With over $100,000 paid out every day, this bingo site is use to become a favorite.

Play at other US bingo sites.

£600 Million Worth Of Bingo Tickets Sold In The UK Every Year

June 30, 2008, is reporting that online bingo players in the UK are spending over £600 million on bingo tickets every year. Manager of Bingoport, Scott Logan, tells:

“We’ve seen unprecedented growth in the online bingo industry here in the UK in the past year,”

Bingoport is a major bingo portal monitoring bingo jackpots and players. They report that the UK online bingo market is growing due to restrictions in the live bingo market.

Go On Safari at

June 21, 2008

Animal lovers will have a blast with the latest promotion at! They have decided to kick off the summer by sending all of their players on safari. Word on the street says that there is a pet hyena named Shenzi running around with some major prize money and he will be sharing it with anyone who can spot all of the animals before June 30th. Hop in the jeep, grab your binoculars and start snapping pictures of those elusive animals for your own chance to win one of these great prizes.

In order to claim your share of the winnings, you must bingo on all of the assigned numbers that are associated with the most famous safari animals. Once you have won a game, you must claim the specified numbers with a chat moderator or on the message board, immediately after your win. Keep a close eye on the animal number list and make sure that you make your claims quickly to avoid missing out on the bonus.

The numbers that are assigned to the animals are as follows:

10 – Elephant
15 – Lion
19 – Giraffe
26 – Cheetah
35 – Baboon
48 – Zebra
53 – Warthog
56 – Rhino
61 – Leopard
74 – Buffalo

If you are one of the lucky players who is able to claim each of the animals before June 30th, you can expect to see your bonus prize credited to your account sometime on July 1st. Even if you cannot take a true safari vacation this summer, this is the next best thing!

Win A Wii at Bingoworkz In June

June 19, 2008

There is no doubt that the Nintendo Wii is one of the hottest gaming systems available anywhere and they can be quite hard to find in some areas. Bingoworkz want to give all of their players a chance at owing this great interactive gaming system with their $2000 Wii Love You Player Appreciation Promotion, going on throughout the month of June.

Every Monday, the site is giving away one Wii prize package to a very lucky player. The package includes a Wii system, two nun chuck controllers, and three games, giving the lucky winners everything they need to enjoy their new gaming system. This is a great prize for anyone with kids or for someone who enjoys offline gaming, as well as online bingo.

Winning entries into the weekly prize drawing is very easy. All players have to do is go to the Bingo Central room and participate in the special Wii Love You pattern bingo games. The winner of each game receives an entry into the next upcoming drawing. There is no limit to the number of entries a single player can win, so play as much as you want. On Mondays, the drawings will take place, the rest of the entries will be erased and the qualifying starts over for the next drawing.

At Bingoworkz, players get the fun of a great bingo site, along with the benefit of wonderful prizes and promotions to enjoy. If you are not a current player, check out the site and see just what they have to offer.

National Bingo Night – ABC Bingo Doing It Big

June 17, 2008

The American TV-Channel ABC enjoys great success from their popular bingo TV-show National Bingo Night. National Bingo Night is a family show focused on the fun and excitement of bingo.

The setup is simple. Each participator will compete against the studio audience trying to catch numbers from 1-75. Numbers are randomly selected from a giant sphere. People watching the show on TV can print out three bingo game cards from and participate in the bingo game from the comfort of their own home.

The host of the bingo show is Ed Sanders and co-host is Sunil Narkar. Catch the show on ABC every friday.

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