Paypal Bingo

For the average internet user, Paypal would be the natural bingo deposit method. Unfortunately, only a handful of online gaming operators accept Paypal. Paypal is the world’s biggest payment-processor online and you can bet they are losing a lot of business when they are excluding the bingo players. Luckily, one bingo site are still accepting Paypal; Ladbrokes.

If you are a US bingo player we are most sorry but there are no PayPal options available to US citizens yet. Check out out overview of US bingo sites as most of these US sites offer some pretty good deposit and withrawal options other than PayPal.

This old and classic English company Ladbrokes is one the most trusted bingo sites online and certainly the most trusted among the Paypal bingo sites. They have one of the most recognizable gaming-brands in the world and are one of the bingo sites we promote hardest here at

Why Are There So Few Bingo Sites Accepting PayPal?

the US congress worked on the legislation against online gambling in 2002 and many payment processors and banks found it too risky to offer services to online gaming sites. Among them was PayPal. PayPal’s stance against online gambling led to the rise of alternative gaming deposit methods such as Neteller and Firepay. Some may ask why they wanna leave all that bingo money righ their on the table, but with the political climate in the US we fully understand why a US company wanna avoid any trouble with the law. Therefore, we have to settle with the current PayPal bingo sites.