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Maria Bingo’s website may initially show up in a foreign language, but don’t let that worry you. Just click the Union Jack for the homepage in English. If you prefer, though, you can select one of the thirteen languages they offer. Maria Bingo is a site without a lot of bells and whistles, but they offer 100% bonus plus five British Pounds for your first deposit. They also have chat games in which you can win extra bonuses. They have a VIP system with several levels. The VIP system gives players additional bonuses based on how much they deposit and how much they play.

For deposits, Maria Bingo offers users the choice of using Neteller or credit cards. For those who prefer to use wire transfers, MariaBingo will accommodate their needs as well. Payouts are made to whichever system you used for the deposit, unless you used a MasterCard. Since MasterCard doesn’t allow them to transfer money back onto the card, you’ll probably have to sign up for a Neteller account if you don’t have another credit card.

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Maria Bingo is licensed in Costa Rica, and is a part of the Mantaray Network. They use the Parabol Games platform for online bingo and casino games. Maria Bingo, in compliance with US law, does not allow players from the United States of America. They cater towards a European audience, and offer the standard 75-ball bingo, but without a ‘free’ square in the center of each card, as is standard in American bingo.

One thing that will certainly please non-windows users is that there’s no download and Maria Bingo works great in Firefox. On the other hand, the graphics are very simple. The interface is easy to use, and MariaBingo certainly doesn’t waste your time on eye candy. Everything on the screen is there for a reason, and is clearly labeled. You click the ‘Bingo’ tab to get a list of games, click a game to join, and then you get a choice of several possible cards. Buy all your cards, and select ‘catch up’ to have your cards auto-daubed up to the current point in the game.

If you choose to daub by hand, don’t worry. The software will make sure that your bingos get called anyway. If you’re the only winner, you’ll win the pot when your bingo is called. If there are more winners, the pot is divided evenly among all the winners. There’s also a progressive jackpot. A small portion of every card purchase goes to the jackpot, and any player who calls bingo within the prescribed number of numbers called wins the jackpot.

There are chat games available on Maria Bingo. You can use your birth date to play for extra chat bonuses, or you can play a “ladder” bonus, in which you choose three numbers in a row. If all three of your numbers are called, then you win an additional prize. There are also slots and casino games on the Maria Bingo site.

Overall, Maria Bingo is a great site for European players who want to play bingo and slots. It’s easy-to-use, has clean graphics, and doesn’t inundate you with sounds and graphics you don’t need.

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