The Top 5 Absolute Best Bingo Commercials

January 20, 2009

That’s right the list is now official. is working in the bingo industry and we figured we would check out the TV ads that belong to all the bingo sites we promote with the boring gif-banners and textlinks. So we present to you: The Top 5 Absolute Best Bingo Commercials! The ads where rated after how they got their message through to their target group, if it is funny, if the production is professional and offcourse what kind of music they use.

Number 5: This ad is for the nordic bingo site Maria Bingo. We think the video basically sucked but the use of Blondie’s “Maria” had to give it a spot on the list.

Number 4: Human bingo balls again but this time from SVT Bingo. Take a guess on where they got the idea from? Anyway this is a pretty good TV ad and we like how they keep the viewers informed about their offers using small text throughout the commercial.

Number 3: You gotta love the human bingo ball from Bingo 777. Real creative, but we feel they could do something more out of this as it really is a great concept. Maybe we will se some more from ball number 7 in the future?

Number 2: “GOODBYEE!”. Vic Reeves dressed up in womans clothing and did a great job in this ad. 888 Ladies did might loose a few customers from a pretty large segment called “men”, or did they?

Number 1: Foxy Bingo is a major UK bingo site and this commercial from 2008 got everything; Great music and good vibes. No wonder all the girls love the fox!


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