Go On Safari at BingoCafe.com

June 21, 2008

Animal lovers will have a blast with the latest promotion at BingoCafe.com! They have decided to kick off the summer by sending all of their players on safari. Word on the street says that there is a pet hyena named Shenzi running around with some major prize money and he will be sharing it with anyone who can spot all of the animals before June 30th. Hop in the jeep, grab your binoculars and start snapping pictures of those elusive animals for your own chance to win one of these great prizes.

In order to claim your share of the winnings, you must bingo on all of the assigned numbers that are associated with the most famous safari animals. Once you have won a game, you must claim the specified numbers with a chat moderator or on the message board, immediately after your win. Keep a close eye on the animal number list and make sure that you make your claims quickly to avoid missing out on the bonus.

The numbers that are assigned to the animals are as follows:

10 – Elephant
15 – Lion
19 – Giraffe
26 – Cheetah
35 – Baboon
48 – Zebra
53 – Warthog
56 – Rhino
61 – Leopard
74 – Buffalo

If you are one of the lucky players who is able to claim each of the animals before June 30th, you can expect to see your bonus prize credited to your account sometime on July 1st. Even if you cannot take a true safari vacation this summer, this is the next best thing!


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  1. Valentin Morgan on July 24th, 2008 11:19 pm

    I think this thread is unbelievable!!

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