Favorite Features: Autodaub

Most bingo sites offer loads of great features and options for their players to use and enjoy, at their own discretion. A personal favorite is the Autodaub feature. While some people think that autodaub takes a bit of the fun out of the game, it certainly has some great benefits for you to take advantage of while playing.

Autodaub helps you to assure that you do not miss a number when you are playing multiple cards at once. You do not have to worry if you miss a number, because with this feature turned on, your card is automatically marked for you. Multicard play can sometimes mean missing a daub or two, even for the most seasoned bingo player.

When your other responsibilities are calling, just turn on the autodaub feature to keep on playing while you clean the house, answer the phone, or even browse the Internet in another window. The computer will keep track of your cards and mark all the numbers, as they are called. Nothing would be a better surprise than to come back from cooking dinner to find a jackpot waiting in your account.

Of course, when you have the time and attention to dedicate to play, just turn the feature off and enjoy the fast paced action and excitement on your own. That is the great thing about autodaub…it is always there when you need it! If you haven’t tried this great option out, give it a shot at your favorite online bingo room today. Your game will never be the same!