Common Bingo Strategies

There are a few common strategies that are used by many online bingo players to increase their chances of online bingo winnings. However, for every strategy, there is usually a downside. We suggest you try them out for fun, and if something works for you, then use it. Some strategies can be combined to advance your game even more so.

One strategy that many players follow is based on the common belief that the more bingo cards you play, the better your chances of winning because each card has a chance of being the winning card. Therefore, many players buy in with the maximum possible amount of cards and take advantage of all bonus cards that are available (some rooms offer buy specials that give a certain number of bonus cards for every five cards you purchase, for example). Some people say this strategy is only useful when playing for larger jackpots or when the price of the card is higher than $0.25. Others suggest not even playing cards that are less than $0.25. Ultimately, playing a lot of cards is easier to do online nowadays, thanks to the auto daub feature that is included in most all online bingo software applications.

Another common strategy is to play with the fewest number of players as possible, since bingo players are essentially competing against each other for the jackpot. Therefore, fewer players mean less competition. Less-populated online bingo games usually take place during the week at off peak hours. You can plan out your bingo play, based on the online bingo site’s schedule, to ensure you are present when others aren’t. The ideal bingo game would involve less than 100 players (the fewer the better). Alternatively, though, on the downside, the jackpots are considerably smaller when there are less players contributing to the pot, and you will also find that the chat room is rather lonely during these times.

Another common bingo strategy is to go for the bigger jackpots. By combining the first strategy suggested and buying as many cards as possible in the bigger jackpot games, many players find that this method proves to be an effective online bingo strategy.

Finally, another way to win at the online bingo room is to play the bingo chat room games that run simultaneous with the bingo games. You can win lots of bonuses in these entertaining challenges, which will supply you with more bingo money in the long run.