Bingo Terminology You Should Know

When learning the game of online bingo, you will likely come across some words or phrases that just don’t make a lot of sense. Here are a few common terms that you may encounter and what they mean:

Admission Packet – The smallest number of cards needed to participate in a bingo game. Depending on the rules of the site, this is usually between three and six cards.

Bingo Board – The board on which the called numbers are displayed.

Blackout – A bingo game in which every number on a card must be marked in order to win.

Buy-in – The amount of money it costs to purchase an admission packet for a particular game.

Chat Room – The area of an online bingo room where players can participate in text conversations before, during, and after play.

Four Corners – A variation in bingo where only the four corners need to be marked to win the game.

Game Board – A board that displays the pattern needed to win within that particular bingo game.

Hardway – A variation of single line bingo in which there is no free space used.

Jackpot – A large prize pool that is generally won by calling bingo within a certain number of called balls.

Money Ball – A predetermined ball that will double the winnings if bingo is achieved when that ball is called.

Payout – The amount of revenue that is paid out to players versus the amount kept by the bingo room, generally around 75%.

Progressive Jackpot – Jackpots that are awarded based on certain criteria met in a particular game. The amount in the pot increases regularly until it is won by a player.

RNG – Random number generator, or the system by which called numbers are selected in online bingo games.

Wild Number – A special call in certain styles of bingo. For example, if the wild number is 61, players will mark off every number on their cards that ends in the number 1.