Bingo Game Rules

Bingo is a game of chance. It is a game that has a caller who will draw numbers randomly selected. The numbers are called out to anxiously awaiting players. The players match those numbers to the numbers that appear on their Bingo cards. The first player who successfully fulfills the requirements in the pattern in which they were instructed at the beginning of that particular game will call out “Bingo” win the game, and take home the pot. If there are simultaneous winners, they will split the pot equally. That is the basic summary of the game of Bingo.

There are two basic forms of Bingo. But there are multiple twists on the game. Most common played in the U.S. is 75 ball Bingo. There is also 90 Ball Bingo, more commonly played in Europe.

75 Ball Bingo

With 75 ball bingo, players are provided a card (s) formed in a grid of 5×5. At the top of the grid there letters which spell out the word B-I-N-G-O, below the grid are corresponding numbers. The “B” column has the numbers 1 to15, “I” 16 to 30, “N” 31 to 45 where the center contains free space, then continues “G” 46 to 59, and “O” 60 to 75.

The Game of Bingo has many variations of play based on the same end result to win. The caller or host of the game will be your guide to each game and provide instructions for a series of patterns you will be required to form in order to win the round. Most of the time you are provided with a paper copy explaining each game that will be played for the entire session. Each bingo hall or particular bingo event will vary the games but there will always be standard games played, which requires you to fill your bingo card in any direction, in a straight line, diagonal line horizontal or vertical lines.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is played a bit differently. In a typical game 90 ball bingo is played in 3 stages. The first stage is “One Line” where players are required to complete 5 numbers marked on the horizon. Stage two is “Two Line” where players are required to complete any two marked line across the card or 10 numbers across the horizon. Finally, the third stage which is the “Full House” requires that all 15 numbers on your card be marked off. In 75 ball games it is referred to as the “cover-all”. As the game progresses the prizes increase. So, the Full house stage of the game has the biggest earnings.

With the introduction of the internet, Bingo rules and patterns of play are relatively the same as their conventional land-dwelling bingo halls and casinos, but they have added a few little perks. Playing bingo online eliminates the need for ball spinning uncontrollably in what appears to be a popcorn popper, randomly spewing out ball after ball. You no longer need a hall or a church or a high school auditorium. Online Bingo is played with a digital twist. No longer are their pencils, dabbers, buttons or beans.

Once you log in to an online bingo site, you’re already there! Instead of a spinning popcorn popper, each online bingo site uses random number generators. The generators are very similar to the machines used for dealing cars in an online poker game. It is very important that the online bingo site that you choose to join can verify that they are using the random number generators and figures, by an independent auditor. This will assure that numbers are truly randomized, and that the site which you have chosen to play online bingo is a reputable one.

The digital twist to playing online bingo is Auto Daub. This feature will it automatically daub numbers on bingo cards for players, to ensure participants will not miss numbers the numbers that are called. Auto Daub also performs with two other features,” Best Card Sorting” and “Best Card Highlighting”. Both of theses features will automatically arrange the player’s bingo cards to show the bingo card with the highest probability or is closest to a win.

With all of this auto-technology readily available to an online player, it is very easy for players to take advantage another feature that has been seriously frowned upon with the conventional land-dwelling bingo playing halls and casinos. The land based halls and casinos refer to it as talking, but when you play bingo online, it is called “chatting” and chatting is NOT frowned upon, in fact operators encourage communication during games. And, why not, with auto daub features, it is not as thought a player will miss a number that was drawn, or worse, forget to call bingo! When you have the opportunity to call bingo, online prizes and online rewards will be equal or similar to their land-dwelling Bingo halls and casinos.

Now that you know the rules, start playing online bingo